VinoBuono imports wines in the UK from small Italian farms. We sold wines to restaurants but because of the Covid-19, we started home delivery. We sell wine from producers we know directly and who operate in a natural way without any intervention in the production They are small niche realities located in different Italian regions.



In addition to wines, we have decided to make home delivery of Italian groceries (actually not only Italian) of our friends who are already suppliers of restaurants. We talk about Pasta, Cheese, Salami, Flour, Canned tomatoes, Sauces, Biscuits, and much more, see the list here.



In the end, we also added the home delivery of cooked dishes because we have many chef friends who still want to give some good Italian dishes, we talk about Lasagne, Cannelloni, Parmigiana, homemade bread, Pinsa Romana, and much more up to Tiramisu and Sicilian Cannoli.
All the food is prepared fresh and ready to eat. It is best to book at least the day before so that you always have a fresh product.  We can be kept in the fridge and consumed in 3 or 4 days.


How to Order

Send an email or WhatsApp message, specifying the type and quantity requested, Indicate name and surname, address and telephone number, and in case the preferred date for delivery. Payment can be made, cash, card, or bank transfer. We deliver wine every day. The delivery charge is £3 or free if you spend more than £30. 


Order only by email specifying the item’s code, the description and the quantity (copy it from the catalog).  Indicate name and surname, address, and telephone number of the delivery place. The food delivery is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.  Payment can be made cash, card, or bank transfer. The delivery charge is £3 or free if you spend more than £50.


Send an email or WhatsApp message specifying what food and the quantity. The delivery is Friday and Saturday. The request must be sent one day in advance, as everything is cooked at the moment. Please indicate name and surname, address and telephone number, and the date and the time for delivery (delivery is generally always in the afternoon from 4 to 5 pm.). The minimum order is £20 with no delivery charge. For all customers who use the ready meals are offered the possibility to buy a bottle of Rosso Montepulciano Doc or Trebbiano Doc wine at £5.50.  Payment can be made, cash, card, or bank transfer.



The pizza is made by Cibus restaurant in Levenshulme and delivered by VinoBuono. The delivery is scheduled only for Sunday the order must include at least one bottle of wine from the VinoBuono list. The order must be sent by email or WhatsApp to Vinobuono possibly by the previous Saturday. The delivery is scheduled according to the agreed time from 17:00 to 18:30.

Send the order to   or WhatsApp/call Davide 07404456300.